Snake Davis returns to town

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SAXOPHONIST Snake Davis returns to Louth this Sunday October 2 at the forefront of a string quartet at the town’s St James’ Church.

SnakeStrings, Davis’s latest adventure, comprises an excellent group of musicians creating sounds from classic to soul, Bach to Tina Turner and some original material.

Snake Davis has performed in major venues across the globe alongside the likes of Sir Paul McCartney, Dionne Warwick, Take That and the late Amy Winehouse. He plays an assortment of saxophones and also flutes and the husky Japanese shakuhachi.

In the group with Davis are Jane Coyle on viola, Damion Browne on cello and Adam Robinson and Raymond Lester on violins.

The concert comes to Louth on Sunday at 7.30pm.

Centre-aisle tickets at £10 (£5 under 16), can be bought in advance from Off The Beaten Tracks in Aswell Street, Louth (closed Thursday), Eve & Ranshaw in Louth Market Place, St James’s Church Shop (10.30am-4pm, not Sunday); and the Parish Office in Upgate.

For further details call 07930 343558.

Side-aisle tickets at £8 (£5), and unsold centre-aisle tickets can be bought on the night.