Sounds of the Wild in Louth

Listen to Sounds of the Wild at the Festival of the Bees Art exhibition running from this Saturday to Thursday May 23 at Mckinnell’s Studio off Vickers Lane in Louth.

“Imagine you take a long stroll past woodlands open fields behind dense hedgerows, a water meadow and a lake with a reed-clogged margin, and on to moorland within call of the sea,” this is how Mark Barwise, who has been recording the natural sound world for over 20 years, describe this special sound exhibit.

The sound installation is a compilation of over 30 individual recordings made between 1993 and May 2013. It has been assembled from almost 200 fragments, carefully cutting out intrusive man made noise.

It’s a painstaking business as the eight minute thunder storm in this installation took over nine hours to construct out of 16 fragments recorded in two separate years, and the entire installation took about 180 hours at the editing desk to complete.

Don’t miss this fascinating sound experience while it’s in Louth.