South African drama at Louth Film Club

ON Monday July 23, at the Playhouse Cinema, Louth Film Club will be screening Life, Above All, a powerful and moving South African drama about hardship and hope in a Johannesburg township.

Chanda, a strong-willed 12-year-old, brilliantly played by Khomotso Manyaka, has to overcome her neighbours’ prejudices and superstitions to protect herself and her family, following the death of her baby sister and her mother’s grief and increasingly debilitating illness.

Based on Alan Stratton’s novel Chanda’s Secrets and directed by Oliver Schmitz, Life, Above All is a thoroughly engaging film and extraordinary to look at, with its widescreen format making great use of natural light, in its interior and exterior scenes.

The dialogue is in Sotho, with English subtitles. Life, Above All is Certificate 12A. The show starts at 7.30pm. Non-members are welcome, paying the normal Playhouse Cinema ticket prices.