Things went bump in the night... eerie tales from this week’s Nostalgia column

Alien Nost.
Alien Nost.

THIS week we whizz back in time to February 22, 2006, when the Leader ran a special feature unearthing several strange goings on over at the coast.

Local writer Peter Gregory had been penning tales from the archives and urged readers to ‘read them if they dare’.

Ghost nost.

Ghost nost.

The first, headed ‘Chilling Tales from the coast’ told the story of the former Beach Hotel in Sutton on Sea, at one point the largest in the resort.

Peter’s findings told the story of two holidaymakers from Rotherham staying at the hotel.

The story goes that one of the women awoke to the sound of the bedroom door banging shut. Believing it was her friend in the next room she called out, but heard no reply.

“In the darkness she could hear someone moving around the room, she reached out to turn the bedside lamp on, but when she pushed the switch nothing happened,” read the story.

“She tried to get out of bed but found she couldn’t move; it was as if something invisible was holding her there.”

Peter’s report went on to describe how the woman felt something soft touch her face and then someone sitting next to her on the bed.

She screamed out in terror and moments later her friend burst through the door to help, but between them they found nothing.

They scarpered from the area the next day!

The second story from the same edition reported the dozens of reports of alien encounters in the Mablethorpe and Trusthorpe area.

“It began one cold and frosty night in February 1993 when a Mablethorpe family saw a strange craft with 15 lights moving towards the giant BT mast at Trusthorpe,” it said.

“They got out of their car and watched in amazement as a huge black shape moved slowly over the top of the mast.”

At the time the Leader was swamped with similar reports from Louth, North Somercotes and Tetney.

UFO experts actually came to the area to collect data and interview the witnesses.

The report concludes with: “Only time will solve the riddle of the mysterious triangles and other aerial phenomena that invade our skies.”