Titan Books and George Mann serve up Further Encounters of Sherlock Holmes

Book review
Book review

There is only one Sherlock Holmes.

Everyone knows the classic silhouette of the great detective - the hawk like profile, the deerstalker hat and curved pipe.

He is one of the immortals and can never die.

There is only one Holmes. Or is there? Over the years Conan Doyle’s original creation has been depicted in many different ways in books, comics, on TV and in films.

In new book The Further Encounters of Sherlock Holmes there is a first class collection of engaging tales, edited by Lincolnshire’s own George Mann.

There is a steampunk atmosphere to the stories which veer from the thrilling, to the amusing, to the grotesque.

In one Holmes has to grapple with the troublesome family of the late, unlamented criminal genius Moriarty, in another someone has got into 221b Baker Street and interfered with Holmes’s files.

That case sends Holmes into an uneasy funk! If his files have been altered how can he trust them? The master detective is nothing without reliable and accurate data, after all. He needs it as a steam engine needs coal to run!

His deductions and the shocking resolution to the case are a salient reminder of our own computer age, where data on individuals is everywhere and can easily get into the wrong hands.

Other stories involve mysterious catacombs, rum goings on at a school for boys and a house that eats people!

This is a corker of a book and strongly recommended.

The Further Encounters of Sherlock Holmes is published by Titan Books.