Waltz With Bashir at Louth Film Club

Louth Film Club
Louth Film Club

ON Monday January 10 at the Playhouse Cinema, Louth Film Club will be showing the outstanding Waltz With Bashir, about the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in 1982.

Its director, Ari Folman, was an Israeli army conscript at the time and the film is about his struggle to remember what was, for all concerned, a traumatic event.

What makes the film so extraordinary is that most of it is in animated form, of a style never before seen in the cinema. It is realistic but at the same time quite surreal.

Waltz With Bashir was universally acclaimed by film critics. Jonathan Romney, in the Independent on Sunday, called it ‘a brave and necessary film, remarkably inventive and, against all odds, grimly entertaining’, whilst Derek Malcolm, the London Evening Standard’s veteran reviewer, described it as ‘an intensely human document that seeks to be true to one man’s view of what has come to be known as Israel’s Vietnam’.

Waltz With Bashir is Certificate 18 (it ‘contains strong violence and brief explicit images’). The screening, open to non-members, starts at 7.30pm.