1,000-home plan for Louth gets initial town council backing

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An enormous new housing development for the south edge of Louth, dubbed the ‘Louth southern gateway’, could eliminate flooding problems in the area ‘once and for all’, a councillor has claimed.

Louth Town Council has supported in principal a development of up to 1,000 homes and a new primary school for land off Legbourne Road.

As reported, a 94 hectare farmland site either side of Legbourne Road has been earmarked by Gladman Developments and landowners AR and MA Pridgeon, for between 800 and 1,000 new homes in the ‘first phase’ of any scheme.

The proposed new development would extend from south of Eresbie Road down to the roundabout at Kenwick Hill and Manby Road.

Councillor George Horton, whose St. Michael’s Ward covers the area in question, raised concerns over flooding at the meeting on February 12.

“There’s already a problem down there with flooding, it’s a serious concern,” he said.

But Coun Trevor Marris was more upbeat. “This may be an opportunity to sort out the surface water problems once and for all,” he said.

However, at this early stage no concrete plans have been put forward, and councillors would not be drawn into further debate on the application.

“This is not a planning application. If we start giving our views at this stage we are prejudicing ourselves for a full planning application,” said Coun Pauline Watson.

LTC’s planning committee ruled the site has ‘good transport links’ but is known to suffer from surface water flooding.

The plans make reference to a ‘sustainable community’ including a local centre of shops, a community building, a health centre, a sports facility and a new primary school to meet an ‘increasingly acute’ need in Louth.

East Lindsey District Council have previously admitted there is a ‘significant shortage’ of affordable housing within the district.