1953 FLOODS: MP Sir Peter Tapsell’s message

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Although Sir Peter Tapsell didn’t become the local MP for the area until 1966, he has made sure better flood defences has been a top priority on his constituency duties.

He gave the Mablethorpe Leader this message:

The tragic sea flooding of Mablethorpe and the rest of the East Coast occurred and decayed before I became a member of parliament for Louth and Horncastle, which also covers Mablethorpe and the coast too.

But I came to know many of those who had lost friends and relatives and also many who had shared great heroism in coping with disasters.

My predecessor as MP here, Sir John Maitland, did a magnificent job in organising a lord mayor of London’s appeal to help our area.

I have always regarded the improvement of our sea defences as most important off all my constituency duties and there has been a massive increase in expenditure on there over the years.

But there can never be absolute security against the forces of nature.