40th anniversary of Barkwith and district Gardeners Association

The Barkwith and district Gardeners Association was launched at a public meeting in 1972 and over 40 members were welcomed to the annual meeting by chairman Sheila Minns to celebrate the 40th anniversary.

They were joined by founder members Gill Campion, Nina Maplethorpe, Anne Stamp, Richard Stamp and Alice Hodgson who were present as invited guests while Grace Clark and Barbara Mumford were unable to attend.
The initiative for having a gardeners club was led by the late Jake Horton who was the first chairman after very successful produce shows had been arranged jointly by members of the village hall committee and East Barkwith Village Hall Committee to raise funds for a new community building.
The new hall had been officially opened earlier in the year before the open meeting to assess the interest in forming a gardeners club and since then it has continued on its successful way.

In recent years it has attracted enthusiastic gardeners from neighbouring villages too with the very popular coach outings which are regularly organised to places of interest famous over a wide surrounding area.

The seats are always fully booked well in advance and while there is always a waiting list for one coach on several occasions a second coach has to be booked to accommodate all the potential passengers. 
The annual show day continues on a smaller scale, now held in the spring with a second evening show towards the end of August.
A celebration cake had been baked by Sheila Minns and decorated by her family and this was served with wine and a buffet supper which had been prepared and donated by the committee members.

Richard Stamp was invited to propose the toast to the club’s forty years of growing and showing.