50mph limit on A16 stretch ‘would still be too fast’

A proposed reduction of the speed limit on the A16 near Louth to 50mph would still be too fast, according to a number of the town’s councillors.

As reported last week, Lincolnshire County Council are actively reviewing the one-mile stretch of the A16 north of Louth due to its accident record.

Proposals include a reduction of the speed limit from 60mph to 50mph between a point just south of the North Holme Road roundabout to a point just north of Cordeaux Corner.

But, debating the proposal at last week’s Louth Town Council meeting, councillors feared that even a 50mph limit would not stop collisions, and made a proposal for the speed reduction to stretch even further north towards Utterby.

Coun Roger Featherstone said the move came ‘ten years too late’, but admitted ‘it’s better now than never’.

Couns Laura Stephenson and Trevor Marris both agreed 50mph would still be too fast, the latter said: “People think they know the road and the corners, but it only takes a bit of standing water and a car can be off the road instantly.”

“It often takes a death for these things to change unfortunately,” said Coun Fran Treanor.

“The first thing people see on the way into Louth is all the brake lights at the first roundabout, we’re lucky there have not been more deaths,” he added.

“The previous stretch of road is 40mph, could the 40 not be extended right up to Fotherby top?” Coun Andrew Leonard suggested.

Coun Margaret Ottaway compared the stretch of road to the notorious nearby A18 Barton Street. “I don’t even go up there on my bicycle,” she told the meeting.

Coun Brian Burnett proposed that the councillors vote to impose the speed limit further north, up to the Fotherby turn off, which was passed, and the comments will be passed onto the county council.

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership’s John Siddle told the Leader they ‘fully supported’ the proposals, given the road’s accident record, which include 19 road collisions in the past five years.

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