8,000-strong petition handed to Lincolnshire County Council to save secondary school in Mablethorpe


A petition, signed by 8,000 people and calling for secondary education to be saved from the axe in Mablethorpe, was today (Friday) handed in to Lincolnshire County Council.

In the meeting, parent Michala Davies-Kearsley was given permission to speak to councillors about the petition which is calling for the county council not to axe Monks Dyke College.

She presented the petition to council leader, Councillor Martin Hill.

Ms Kearsley said: “When we started out this petition, it was to save a school but it means so much and is more than just a school. It is the beating heart of this community.

“I see the decision you have to make differently. You see an option, I see a necessity, you see figures, I see children and you see pounds and pennies and I see the future of our town.”

Ms Kearsley also said in her speech: “I believe all of the possibilities have not been fully investigated and the school needs to stay open while these are all looked into.

“To close the school would cause irrepairable damage to this community.

“The school is an essential community asset and a social hub for children’s activities and also for adults. To cut and run is not an option.

“There are many issues to consider, transport, the consequence of no after school activities and the lengthy commute our children would have to undergo everyday, will be they be alert and ready for the day?

“It will have a serious detrimental effect on our children. Gives us what our town needs and deserves.”

To end her speech, Ms Kearsley added: “I dare you Coun Hill to look our children in the eye and tell them you are closing the school.”

Coun Hill said that the matter would be dealt with ‘utmost gravity.”