A grand addition to youth club funds

LOUTH Youth Centre in Park Avenue has been given an additional £1,000 to help to contribute towards the costs of an outing to Grimsby Auditorium. This will enable more young people to take part in activities.

The money was arranged by Coun John Hough and Coun Lesley Koumi through the East Lindsey District Council’s Councillor initiative Scheme.

Coun Hough and Coun Koumi also gave £650 to the Louth and District Homeless to help them provide grants to help prevent people from becoming or continuing to be homeless.

They both also donated £200 to the Trinity Centre Louth to help towards an Intergenerational Project.

Coun Edward Mossop has given £100 to Marshchapel Arts to sponsor the advertising costs of the London Mozart Players concert at St Mary’s Church on September 9.

Coun Hugo Marfleet has allocated £250 to Withern Parish Council to support the Withern Art Group.

Coun Marfleet also allocated £1,750 to Aby with Greenfield Parish Council to support the Aby Community Garden.