Action to stamp out potholes

LINCOLNSHIRE motorists will have a pothole-free start to next winter and key routes will be strengthened to help them cope better with freezing conditions.

That is the vow from Lincolnshire County Council’s Highways Alliance as it releases a list of 42 priority roads which will now benefit from significant repairs, further bolstering their current pothole-filling crusade.

The opportunity follows the Government awarding Lincolnshire £6.2m for road repairs after last winter’s damage, with the authority now using half of it to put selected routes in a stronger position ahead of next winter.

Paul Coathup, Assistant Director Highways & Transportation said: “Whilst potholes are a reality of life that we can never fully prevent, our teams have been working flat out to combat them during this warmer period. Members protected road maintenance funds in the budget and extra money from the Government has also been put to good use.

“As well as filling potholes, we’ll also be using £3.1m to reduce the chances of them reappearing by repairing and strengthening some of our busy and key routes ahead of next winter. This will mean that they are stronger and in a better position to cope with the freeze-thaw process which results in potholes so any subsequent damage should be less significant.”

Forty-two stretches of road have been identified for the repairs, selection being based on a combination of factors including condition and safety defect inspections, the number of faults reported and consideration of any previous repairs already carried out.

Depending on the road’s condition, the improvements proposed will either be new surfacing, patching, surface dressing or haunching.

Some of the work has already started and been completed. The remainder is being incorporated by the Highways Divisions into programmes of work between now and the start of the winter.