Active end to Cordeaux school year

TO celebrate the final week of their school year, students all across Cordeaux School had the opportunity to take part in activities week.

The three-day activity extravaganza was held over three days from Monday, July 18, finishing on Wednesday, July 20.

The school gave pupils from all year groups the opportunity to participate in a variety of activities put on for them over this three-day period.

For one of the days all years got a taste of thrill riding with the choice of attending theme parks such as Pleasure Island and Alton Towers, while students got to go on residential outings.

Over the last two days the students had the opportunity to try a variety of activities put on for their leisure on the school premises.

This gave the young people a taster of activities they wouldn’t normally get to do within the classroom.

Some of the activities included designing a newspaper and getting a taster of life as a reporter, designing and making their own bird feeders, and participating in arts and crafts and sweet making.

All this gave the students an added boost of excitement to draw a close to ending the year on a high.