Add your voice to libraries petition in Lincolnshire

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Councillor Anne Reynolds, who is shadow coun for libraries and heritage has placed a petition on the Government e-Petition website;

She explains that all the petitions raised by library support groups throughout Lincolnshire must already add up to 10s of thousands of signatures.

Now she asks that as many people as possible go online and add their ‘voices’ to the Government e-petition - Library Closures, Lincolnshire.

Coun Reynolds explains: “10,000 votes will get us a direct reply from the department responsible for Libraries. 100,000 would legally entitle the case of these draconian cuts in Lincolnshire to be debated in parliament.”

The provision of a free Library Service was hard won by the working classes over decades. Their victory being finally enshrined in the Libraries Act (1964) Bill.

“We deserve to have our voices heard, not just in County Council on September 13, but in parliament. This why I am urging everyone of any age to go online and sign the petition. If you don’t have a computer, use the one in your local library.”