Adoption event to be held in Louth next week

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Latest news

‘One Adoption North and Humber’ will host an event in Louth next week, for those who are interested in the possibility of adopting a child who needs a new family.

The event will take place in the Ballroom at the Mason’s Arms in Cornmarket, Louth, next Thursday (February 8) from 3pm to 7pm.

There will be a short presentation at 4pm and 6pm to introduce the service, cover the adoption process and answer any questions.

However, visitors are welcome at any time to sit down and discuss adoption with a member of the team.

The event has been organised by the North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC) team, who are able to place a child from their region with 
parents from outside of the area, such as Lincolnshire.

Jane Broderick, adoption lead at NELC, said: “Having successfully placed children with families living further afield, we wanted to give people the chance to come and speak with our team, ask questions about the adoption process, and address any concerns or queries that they may have.

“We can talk to people at any stage of the process - those who may have explored adoption for some time or those who have only recently considered adoption as a means to have a family.”

Jane explained how the adoption team are appealing to potential adopters outside of the area.

She added: “Many people do not realise that we can place the children in our care with parent(s) from outside of our region. Parents from other areas have built strong relationships with our social workers and have chosen us to support and guide them through the process.”

Coun Ros James, Portfolio Holder for Children and Young People, added: “We’re looking for many different types of families.

“We currently need to hear from more people who would like to give a home to a sibling group. Siblings often share strong bonds with each other and for children who have been through a lot together, it can be heart-wrenching to break them up.

NELC is part of ‘One Adoption North and Humber’, a regional adoption agency made up of five local authorities. As a result of the regional approach, children are able to be placed with families in a timelier manner.

For more information, attend the event in Louth next Thursday, or call 01904 566007 or visit