Advice for residents affected by sand blown off beaches

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Advice has been issued to communities affected by the huge amounts of sand being blown onto roads, paths and gardens on the coast.

East Lindsey District Council, Lincolnshire County Council and the Environment Agency insist they are currently doing all they can to clear roads and other areas on the seafront for emergency access and business.

As reported, roads and paths on the coast continue to resemble the Sahara desert after huge piles of sand were blown on to it from the beach after high winds.

Gale-force winds coming from the east have swept huge piles of sand off the beaches onto roads, pathways, and into people’s gardens, and a warning has been sounded that the sand won’t be clear in time for Easter weekend.

The advice to local people is:

• Consider waiting until wind speeds have subsided before attempting to start to clear sand from properties. The wind is expected to continue for the next 10 to 15 days.

• Return clean sand to the beach.

Agencies are currently clearing access routes to beaches.

Suitable sites for depositing large quantities of clean sand will be identified and communicated over the coming days.

• Take sand which has become contaminated i.e. with large quantities of soil, to their nearest Household Waste Recycling Centre - click here for more details on locations.

Email your sand pictures to, and let us know how you have been affected.