Aldi Manager: ‘Butchers and bakers will still flourish in Louth’

Chris Over, the manager at the new Aldi store, has rejected claims that independent traders in Louth will suffer as a result of the new store opening.

Speaking shortly after the store’s grand opening this morning, Mr Over responded to the claims made by some members of the public, stating their fears that independent traders would be unable to compete with the new supermarket.

Store Manager, Chris Over.

Store Manager, Chris Over.

Mr Over told the Leader: “I really believe that you can have a store like an Aldi in Louth; people can come here for their main shop... but for the specialists, like specialist butchers and specialist bakers, they can still flourish.

“People will come to Aldi to get their basics, but for all those special bits they can still go [to independent shops] to get them, so I do think it’s a good compromise.”

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