Alford raincoat ‘still missing’ as international search continues

Presenter Jeremy Vine voices his concern for Barbara Grimley's missing raincoat.
Presenter Jeremy Vine voices his concern for Barbara Grimley's missing raincoat.

A Skegness woman who accidentally left her raincoat behind in an Alford restaurant has spoken of her surprise after a Louth Leader article about her plight went viral online.

Barbara Grimley called the Louth Leader office two weeks ago to ask for some assistance in the search for her expensive raincoat, which she had accidentally left behind at the Half Moon Hotel in Alford on Wednesday August 6.

We were happy to help out, knowing that it would only take half a minute to put together a quick article for the website. However, the story soon “went viral” on social media, accompanied by plenty of amusing comments from bemused readers.

Within just over a week, it had been shared on Twitter by the likes of presenter Jeremy Vine to his 231,000 followers, and the official BBC Radio 2 account which has 343,000 followers. The article soared to the top of the “Most Read” list on the Louth Leader website, and website traffic hit record-breaking levels.

We got back in touch with Barbara this afternoon (August 26), who said that she was “most surprised” by the widespread interest about her missing coat.

Barbara said: “I didn’t think it would cause such a stir! It’s all been rather strange.

“I got a call from ‘Look North’ but I declined to go on because I thought it would seem a bit silly over a lost coat. It’s not as though it’s a missing child or anything like that.

“It has been amusing, but I still can’t understand it.”

The question of everyone’s mind, of course, is whether or not the missing coat has been returned to Barbara.

“The coat hasn’t been returned to me”, said Barbara. “But I’ve bought another one. It is very similar, except it’s navy and pink.

“Whoever has my first raincoat hasn’t been very honest. Someone must have it. After all, it can’t have just disappeared into thin air.”

The search continues.