All Seasons play at ceilidh

THE All Seasons Live Band from Louth will be performing at the St Clements Ceilidh, Grainthorpe Church, on Saturday September 10 at 7pm.

The band will be playing British Isles tradition music, and those who wish to dance will be led by the caller – so the great thing is everyone can have a go regardless of age or ability.

One of the band members is Patrick Purves, the morris dancer who famously played the melodeon on the plinth in Trafalgar Square as part of Anthony Gormley’s art work One and Other.

The band are renowned for their great sense of humour, so an entertaining evening can be guaranteed.

Tickets are £10, under 16’s free, which includes a ploughmans supper and home made puddings, are available from Mary-Anne Drinkel 01472 388825 or or Off the Beaten Tracks, Louth.