All Star Wrestling at the Grimsby Auditorium

ALL Star Wrestling is at the Grimsby Auditorium on Saturday April 9 at 7pm.

All Star, who celebrated their 40th anniversary in wrestling during 2010, have lined-up a strong squad of stars.

See continental high flyer La Misera who is set to hit the tag trail in an all-masked combination with Mexican style luchador E Ligero.

Top favourites Liverpool Lads Robbie Brookside and Frankie Sloan arev ready to take on all-comers and there’s a major potential tag threat from Buzz and Bex, an unruly new combination going by the name of the Football Hooligans.

Equally eye-catching is metal masked force Thunder, Sussex ace Danny Driscoll and ‘Wonder Kid’ Jonny Storm.

At the other end of the scale, but still a big hit with the crowds is Mark Sealey, wrestling’s mighty midget ‘Little Legs,’ who is back in wrestling after featuring in the latest Harry Potter films. Look out too for 17-year-old Connie Steele, out to make a rapid impression after being trained for the ring by her mother, ladies wrestling legend Klondyke Kate!

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