App creator Chris from North Cotes sees his programme used globally

Primary Apps created by Chris is receiving global success.
Primary Apps created by Chris is receiving global success.

An app creator from North Cotes is celebrating after his education based programme received rave reviews worldwide.

Chris Bayne, 41, a former primary school headteacher, created his programme, Primary Apps, three years ago and his latest creation called Grid Guru has recently received five star reviews from users following its launch just two weeks ago.

Having a strong background in education, Chris’s app business is based around teaching pupils virtually via iPhones and iPads and his latest app concentrates on helping children and their parents understand the grid method of solving long multiplication.

“There has been a lot of interest since the launch of this new app from teachers, children and their parents from all across the world,” Chris said.

“I’ve found that my apps are as popular on the other side of the Atlantic as they are here. As well as America and the UK, we’ve had a great response from countries including South Africa where Grid Guru has been number two in the education download chart and Australia.”

Chris has turned his passion for how IT into a successful business.

He added: “We’ve done five apps so far that are aimed at making learning fun, creative and challenging. Now having entered the mobile revolution, the apps are now accessible to everyone, not just the children from my previous schools.”