Ark rescues dog in ‘worst condition ever seen’

Daisy is now being cared for at the Ark.
Daisy is now being cared for at the Ark.

The Ark Animal Rescue and Retirement Home has taken in a badly-neglected dog, and is bringing her back to health thanks to public donations. The Ark’s manager, Sue Rice, said that the dog, which they named Daisy, had been found in woodland in Tattershall.

Daisy was brought to the Ark, based in North Somercotes, after another animal welfare charity refused to 
offer their help.

Sue and her team took Daisy into their care, and duly took her to be seen by a vet.

Sue said: “Daisy had just been dumped in the woods, and quite frankly she was the worst condition dog I have ever seen.

“She was so thin, it’s just like skin hanging off a skeleton. You could hold her entire body just by putting your hands around her waist.

“She also had two large sores on her bum.

“We were asked to help financially, are we are now paying for treatment. It is only thanks to public donations that we are able to help her.

“Daisy is really loving and loyal, but it will take time for her to recover.

“The Ark are proud to give her a future.”

Sue describes the situation as a “massive cruelty case” and said that the RSPCA may end up getting involved.

Sue said: “If the owner was having problems, all they had to do was call the vets and then we would have helped.”

If you recognise the dog, you can get in touch with the Ark by calling 01507 358140 or email info@arkanimalrescue.

The Ark’s running costs are currently around £2,500 per month.

If you would like to make a donation to help the Ark continue their good work and give more animals a loving home, visit