Ashley Lidgard ‘keeps it in the family’ at Brackenborough Hotel

Ashley Lidgard. EMN-151011-103955001
Ashley Lidgard. EMN-151011-103955001

Ashley Lidgard has announced that the Brackenborough and Ashbourne hotels are now 100 per cent under his sole directorship, meaning that the Oak Ridge Hotels brand is kept fully ‘in the family’.

In 2005 his parents, John and Audrey, were looking to retire, so Ashley bought them out, supported by the financial backing of a shareholder - who has recently retired.

Ashley said: “This also could not have been possible without the unwavering support of the loyal team I have built around me.

“They too have played a large part in our success.

“And of course the loyalty of our customers over the past 25 years has also contributed immeasurably.”