Baby foal is rescued after being left for dead in Mablethorpe

Moses being introduced to his bottle
Moses being introduced to his bottle

An urgent appeal has been launched to try and find out what happened to a baby foal that was left for dead in a ditch in Mablethorpe.

The week old foal was discovered in a water-logged ditch on April 3 and Fenwold Vets in Mablethorpe and the RSPCA were soon on the scene and worked quickly in getting the foal to a safe location.

The foal, now named Moses (Hebrew for ‘carried from the water’) is now in the safe hands of Bransby Horses based in Lincoln, which is caring for him around the clock.

Sadly his mother was nowhere in sight when Moses was found so Bransby said: “It is a possibility that he may have been inhumanely dumped and left to die.”

When found, his core temperature was very low, he was very wet and weak.

It is believed he was trying to suck the grass on the side of the ditch to try and sustain himself until found.

Communication assistant at Bransby Horses, Sam Waterer said: “On arrival at Bransby Horses he was introduced to a bottle and has since moved onto a bucket with teats on, as if he is suckling from a mother.

“He is being fed around the clock and has received a plasma transfusion (to get the antibodies and goodness into him he has missed from his mum) and is receiving the best care possible from our vet team. He is loving all of the attention from the team and is getting stronger daily.”

Sam added: “Moses has already met the Bransby Horses vet as he has a worm burden. This is dangerous for any horse, but can be devastating for a foal.”

A foster parent will be introduced gradually to Moses, it is important at this very early stage of life he must learn to be a horse and not a human.

Bransby Horses is one of the UK’s largest equine welfare charities and relies solely on public donations. The charity is dedicated to improving the lives of horses, ponies, donkeys and mules. Bransby has rescued, rehabilitated, re-homed or retired hundreds of animals and are working harder than ever to continue making their good work possible.

Can you help solve the mystery of the latest victim of the equine crisis? Any info regarding Moses before he was found will be passed on to the police and treated in confidence. Call Bransby Horses on 01427 787369.