Beach hut vandalism in Mablethorpe was a ‘blow’ for charity

Bobby Baldwin has been busy repainting the beach chalets targeted with graffiti. Inset: Just one of the four chalets that were vandalised.
Bobby Baldwin has been busy repainting the beach chalets targeted with graffiti. Inset: Just one of the four chalets that were vandalised.

A charity founder who uses two beach huts that were vandalised in Mablethorpe last week has expressed her upset stating the incident has been a ‘hammer blow.’

Maria Hanson runs Derby-based charity Me&Dee which provides holidays in the town for both adults and children with any life threatening or terminal conditions and allows families to make special memories together when time is short and precious.

The chalets which were targets last Monday evening (February 1) with graffiti are well-used by the charity which are added in with the holiday experience they provide.

Ms Hanson comments on the ordeal: “I had come out of a meeting late on the night when I saw the message. I was absolutely devastated to see both the damage, and the names of those we love, spray painted out.

“The beach huts are a big part of the holidays we provide.

“It means the whole family can be on the beach together rather than the poorly person back at the caravan or wrapped up in the car.

“In the daily battle to keep the charity and everything going, it was a hammer blow.”

Four beach chalets in total were vandalised on Mablethorpe’s North Promenade.

Resident Bobby Baldwin owns the lease from East Lindsey District Council of 28 beach chalets in total.

Mr Baldwin who also owns The Snack Shack Café stayed up until the early hours repainting the four graffitied chalets as he didn’t want people to see them in a state.

He told the Leader: “When we first took the beach chalets on, they were all derelict and not much use to anyone.

“It took a couple of years to get the derelict beach huts via the district council and I have put a lot of time, work and money into doing them up and it’s an on-going project.

“Seeing the graffiti on those chalets last night reminded me how they looked before.

“That’s why I had to stop and repaint them during the same evening they were vandalised.

“Mablethorpe doesn’t deserve that impression due to a minority.

“I didn’t want people walking down one of the nicest beaches in the UK to look at that.”

Ms Hanson has applauded the work Bobby has put in since the incident took place.

She added: “Bobby is a diamond to me.

“He has been a great source of support to me by the beach huts, and his great friendship and support. I wish he hadn’t worked all night - but it is no less than I imagine him to do.

“He understands what the beach huts mean and that is why he stayed up all night to put them right.”

lLincolnshire Police say they understand that the identity of the offenders may now be known and that arrangements are being put in place with Mr Baldwin for them to remedy their actions by repainting the chalets.