Beast Coast Roller Group


FEMALE roller skating is sliding its way into Louth with a new group that is being formed aimed at women aged 18 years and over.

The new team, Beast Coast Roller Group that is being set up by Club Chairman, Kat Bishop and Secretary, Sam Evardson have taken their inspiration to set up a Louth team from Lincoln roller skating team, the Imposters.

Secretary Sam Evardson said: “After seeing friends roller skate in the Lincoln team, we thought it would be the perfect opportunity to set up something similar in Louth.

“We thought it would be a great idea as there’s currently no club in the area that caters for this sport.”

The group currently has six members but they are hoping for at least 10 so they can get a full team on board.

Sam continued to say: “We wanted to create a club that everyone could enjoy and give women in Louth something new and different to experience.”

For more information, the next club meeting is taking place on Monday August 8, at 7.30pm at the Millers Daughter or contact Kat on: 07534 934260.