Bees, Bugs and Butterflies festival at Louth Garden Centre

STAFF at Louth Garden Centre are inviting gardeners to a free event all about how they can attract bees, bugs and butterflies to their gardens.

The Bees, Bugs and Butterflies Festival runs from June 4 until July 1 to raise awareness of friendly insects and how to attract them to gardens.

Jane Allen-Chilman, Manager of the garden centre in Legbourne Road, explained: “Despite being gardeners’ friends, bees, bugs and butterflies are in decline so we will be helping our visitors learn how to encourage more of them into their gardens.“Bees and butterflies are very important to gardeners because they feed on flower nectar and, as they feed, they transfer pollen on their bodies and legs from one plant to another.

“Without bees many arable and horticultural crops couldn’t produce a harvest, which would seriously affect our food supply.

“Bugs such as ground beetles, lacewings and ladybirds are also helpful because they act as a natural pest control by eating the insects that can be a particular nuisance for gardeners.”

During the festival people will be able to get advice on plants that will help attract bees, bugs and butterflies into their gardens including buddleja, dill, lavender, mint and tansy.