Beware the fuchsia mite!

THE MARCH meeting of Louth and District Fuchsia Society was held at the Salvation Army Centre in Church Street, Mr and Mrs Wilson of Candlesby giving an interesting talk on the growing of cacti and succulents.

Before the talk, Len Clark reminded members to be vigilant and only access new fuchsia plants from reputable sources because of the invasion from the continent of the fuchsia gall mite, which has become established across the southern counties of England and for which there is no known control.

The mites devastate the plant by preventing the normal development of foliage and flowers.

Being microscopic, they are easily spread by bees, birds and growers themselves.

The next meeting is on Monday, April 2, when a talk entitled Fuchsias My Way will be given by Charles Elliott of Sturton by Stow.

l Details: call Mrs Price on 01526 353071.