Bid for BMX track

SEVENTEEN members of the public, seven adults and ten young people joined councillors at the recent meeting of East and West Barkwith Parish Council and during the public session one of the parents, Andrea Clark-Emmerson, presented a petition on behalf of the youngsters in a bid to get a BMX track.

There are no facilities for them in the village and they need somewhere to ride and jump their bikes away from the danger of the road where many vehicles do not observe the speed restrictions in place.

Various areas of land were suggested but as they require the landowner to sell or provide a long term lease for change of use and grants to be applied for could take some time.

Alice Hodgson suggested using the field that belongs to the parish which used to be let and provide income and is no longer used, but the chairman, Coun Andy Sayers considered the access too dangerous as it comes out onto the Louth Road.

It was pointed out that it is now served by a footway to the gate and parents offered their voluntary help with building the track once permission had been obtained for land to be used.

The councillors considered the request once the Parish Council meeting formally opened no decision to investigate was made as it had not been included on the agenda.