Big East Lindsey 700 challenge for the Home-Start staff

Staff at Home-Start East Lindsey have pledged to get fitter and leaner through a series of physical challenges that scale the 700 square miles of East Lindsey.

Inspired by the support Home-Start receives from people across East Lindsey through their commitment and personal challenges, ten staff have set themselves their own East Lindsey 700 Challenge.

Thy are going to work as a team to ‘figuratively and literally cover the dimensions of the district’. They intend to split the 700 units between them and are setting themselves individual physical or weight loss challenges or a combination of the two.

Pledged units include losing lbs in weight, inches from waists, miles walked or cycled, swam or canoed and cardio exercise sessions in the gym. All these challenges must be completed by December 6 and add up to the full East Lindsey 700.

Kerry Gooderham, Home-Start Co-ordinator, said of her challenge: “I thought it would be a good opportunity to face one of my biggest challenges, to lose weight! After having my four wonderful children, I have steadily gained weight and my fitness level has decreased. From having a relatively healthy weight and good fitness level thanks to dancing, over the last few years I have started to feel very unfit. I have found that committing to my personal challenge with the support of all my colleagues means that on those days my will power evades me, I will always have someone around to keep me motivated.”

Tracey Ruddock, Scheme Manager of Home-Start East Lindsey, said: “Our work supports families across the length and breadth of East Lindsey covering over 700 square miles. We are constantly asking people to support our work through volunteering, raising awareness and fundraising and we are constantly impressed with how generous and supportive our local communities are. In addition to our dedication to our work, through these personal challenges we wanted to show our solidarity to all those who support us and the families who need our help right across the district. We will be raising funds and awareness of our work along the way and will hopefully enjoy the additional benefit of being a healthier and stronger team when we have finished.”

To support the staff at Home-Start East Lindsey visit or find them on Facebook.