Bingo evenings stopped in East Barkwith

There will be no more prize bingo evenings in East Barkwith Village Hall as the low attendance means they are no longer viable.

The first trial session in September after the summer break was cancelled as only four people attended and the second went ahead but it was then agreed there was not enough interest.
Bingo has been on the cards twice monthly for many years now providing a regular income for the village hall funds after being launched initially by the late Mrs Don Tindall when she was chairman of the Management Committee and she was assisted by members Mary Dixon the former secretary and Grace Clark.

Don had been actively involved with the hall since it was built 40 years ago until having to retire due to ill health and served as chairman of the Ladies Working Party which raised funds for the new hall- as landlady of the Cross Roads Inn at the time she provided hospitality at her home for the meetings.
In recent years Yvonne Bryson has been the organiser assisted at the bingo nights by Shirley Booth the caretaker and Grace Clark a former committee member but as most of the players travel from outside the village this is more difficult during the winter months.

Yvonne has now handed over the last £70 to the treasurer after distributing the last of her stock of prizes- and thanks are due to her and her regular helpers.