BMX bikes worry at Donington on Bain

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THERE were worried about young people on BMX bikes at the recent meeting of Donington on Bain Parish Council.

Concern was expressed that young riders were continuing to put themselves in danger by using unsuitable areas for riding their BMX bikes and the council should consider providing a dedicated area as urgent.

Donington on Bain is to be entered in the Best kept Village Competition during its 50th anniversary and also Jubilee year and the judging is to take place later than previously starting in July rather than June and continuing in August and September for successful villages. A verbal quote had been obtained for removing the moss from the surface of the MUGA as it was making it slippery although the contractor reported that it will always be slippery when it is wet and a new tennis post was needed as the fitting was broken.

The Football Club officer had supplied the detail for replacement light bulbs and an informal meeting had been arranged with them to consider any progress made on the investigations into changing rooms and public toilets.

Helen Gamble of the Wolds Countryside Service said she would make contact regarding the churchyard wall when it was known if funds were to be available and Anglian Water had been reminded that they had agreed to investigate the man hole covers on the Allotment Field.

A resident had asked if there could be a notice on the service gate asking for it to be closed at night but the Council did not consider this necessary.