Boundary changes could see councillor numbers cut in East Lindsey

THE number of councillors representing the people of East Lindsey could be reduced by five, to 55, under new plans.

The independent Local Government Boundary Commission for England is undertaking a six-week consultation to ask local people how many councillors they think should be on the council, and will consider changes to the number, names and boundaries of all wards.

The commission has considered evidence submitted to by East Lindsey District Council and is now consulting local people on a proposal.

Max Caller, chair of the commission, said: “This is your chance to shape your council for the future.

“We are asking people across East Lindsey whether they agree that 55 councillors is the right number to represent the district in the future.

“We want to know if you think 55 is the right number of councillors to be able to take decisions effectively and whether it’s the right number to represent the interests of all East Lindsey’s communities.

“If you don’t agree that the district should be represented by 55 councillors, we’d like you to tell us your alternative and why you think there should be more – or fewer – members of the council in the future.

“Once we’ve taken a view on the number of councillors for the district, we will redraw ward boundaries to accommodate those elected members and we’ll be asking local people to have their say during that process as well.”

The current phase of consultation closes on October 15, once it has considered the evidence provided by local people and organisations, the commission will publish its proposal on the total number of councillors in November and then begin to gather information from local people and organisations on new ward boundaries across East Lindsey.

The commission aims to publish its draft recommendations for a new pattern of wards for East Lindsey in May 2013 when it will consult local people again for 12 weeks.

Final recommendations are due to be published in late 2013 and the new electoral arrangements would come into effect for the council elections in 2015.

Further information on electoral reviews and guidance on what sort of information the Commission is looking for, log on to