Boxing clever with Scottish play at college

The performance
The performance

The Box Clever Theatre Company paid a return visit to the Louth campus of Monks’ Dyke Tennyson College recently and delighted the audience with a performance of Shakespeare’s play, Macbeth.

A cast of only three players, and with the sole use of a pyramid, brought the Scottish play to life during a 60 minute performance.

The lighting effects and the cast’s energetic movements over and under the pyramid added to the atmosphere of this popular tragedy.

After the performance, a 30 minute workshop followed which involved all of the audience of Year 8 and Year 9 students.

All of the audience witnessed the production and were enthralled throughout.

Some students were selected to take part in the post-show workshop much to the delight of both themselves and their friends.

The production brought the classical text into a modern day interpretation to which the students could relate and enjoy.

Box Clever Theatre Company has visited Monks’ Dyke Tennyson College on many occasions over the last few years, giving their interpretations of not only Macbeth but The Tempest too and on each occasion have never disappointed.

Their initiative is to encourage pro-active, cultural partnerships with the aim of bringing theatre to young people and getting youngsters along to a professional theatre.

They deliver Shakespeare’s plays in a way that is both understandable and enjoyable to students in schools and colleges nationwide.

Macbeth was written by William Shakespeare between 1603 and 1607.

In the theatre world some actors believe that the play is cursed and do not mention the title aloud referring to it instead as the Scottish play.