BREAKING: Jury retires to consider verdict in Mablethorpe murder trial

Scales of Justice
Scales of Justice

The jury in the trial of a Mablethorpe man accused of the murder of a neighbour retired this afternoon (Tuesday) to consider its verdict.

James Adam is accused of murdering Jamie Rudd, 36, during an incident in Victoria Road, Mablethorpe, on Bank Holiday Monday August 28 last year.

The prosecution say the incident blew up over an innocent remark made by Mr Rudd’s partner which Adam believed was an insult directed towards his own partner.

Adam is alleged to have punched Mr Rudd who responded by hitting back. Adam finished up on the ground with Mr Rudd straddling him and delivering a number of blows.

During a struggle that followed the prosecution say that Adam pulled out a pocket knife and inflicted two wounds to Mr Rudd.

One of the blows penetrated Mr Rudd’s heart and he bled to death in the street.

Adam, giving evidence, denied he deliberately stabbed Mr Rudd.

He told the jury he reacted after Mr Rudd produced a knife and said he did not mean to kill him.

Adam, 46, of Victoria Road, Mablethorpe, denies murder of Jamie Rudd on August 28 last year.

He also denies possession of an offensive weapon on the same date.

The jury will continue their deliberations tomorrow (Wednesday).