BREAKING NEWS: Aldi want to build supermarket in Louth

Aldi will be holding a consultation event to seek the views of the local community for their plans to demolish the Malt Kiln in Newbridge Hill and in its place build a new Aldi store.

A statement from Aldi said: “The Malt Kiln is currently derelict and overshadows neighbouring properties. It is hoped if Aldi gain consent on the site that this will enable the building to be finally removed the site redeveloped.

“Aldi hope to build a store that will create a modern outlook to the site, which along with landscaping and general environmental improvements will help uplift the area. The store itself will add to food shopping choice in a town that does not currently benefit from a discount foodstore.

“Aldi have just been awarded the highly prestigious Grocer Gold Award ‘Grocer of the Year 2013’ along with16 Gold and 10 Silver at the Grocer Own Label awards 2013. They have also been awarded Which Best Supermarket of the Year 2013.

“In addition to the improvements to the site and shopping choice within Louth, there will be employment opportunities for 35 to 40 local people as well as jobs at construction stage.”

The consultation event is to be held on Tuesday July 9 at the Salvation Army Hall from 3pm to 7pm.