BREAKING NEWS: Changes to markets in Louth and Mablethorpe

STALL markets in East Lindsey are set for a makeover under plans unveiled by East Lindsey District Council and there will be new opportunities for entrepreneurs.

The council has announced a series of changes to the way the markets are run ‘in the hope that they will become more popular with local people and visitors, whilst providing better value for money to shoppers and the wider taxpayer’.

Currently market regulations in East Lindsey prevent competitiveness between traders by restricting each market to only one or two types of each trader. The council hopes that by relaxing this restriction shoppers to the markets will have greater choice as to which stalls they buy from and that more traders can stand.

Relaxing the regulations in this way will also create new opportunities for start up businesses and entrepreneurs who wish to use the markets are a platform to sell their goods and produce.

The appearance of the markets is also set to improve and be more consistent with traders being provided with a standard design canopy to use.

The significant change for local people is in Mablethorpe where the market will move from a Thursday to Tuesday because of changes being made to the transportation of the market stalls.

With support from the Mablethorpe Area Partnership the market will move to the High Street, between Seacroft Road and George Street, for a trial period starting on April 5.

Portfolio Holder for the Economy, Councillor Craig Leyland, said: “When we agreed to continue running the markets ourselves in 2011, we were clear that it is important that markets play a more significant role in supporting the economy in our market towns and are run more efficiently.

“With the changes we’re implementing we hope to make the markets a better place to shop and a place people want to visit each week. It is really important we create new business opportunities and we hope that entrepreneurs will recognise the opportunity presented by the markets and use them as a platform to grow from. We are keen to work with the current Traders to ensure the changes can be smoothly implemented for the benefit of shoppers.”