BREAKING NEWS: Old Louth swimming pool to make way for houses

Breaking news
Breaking news

Louth’s former swimming pool is set to be demolished to make way for housing.

At a planning meeting today, East Lindsey District Council granted outline planning consent for 29 homes.

Coun Laura Stephenson acknowledged that an ‘eyesore’ site needed to be redeveloped but said she would have preferred a leisure or retail development.

She went on to claim that allowing housing was inappropriate because of potential flood and sewage risk.

However, Coun Terry Knowles argued that the proposal was ‘ideal’ and would represent ‘excellent infill’ - especially as the site is close to a pub!

Agreement came from Coun Ed Mossop and Coun Stuart Watson, with the latter insisting that development should start as soon as possible.

The means of access and layout are due to be determined at a later date once the authority has marketed the site to potential purchasers.

Louth Civic Trust expressed concerns about potential hazard at junctions with Victoria Road, Commercial Road and Ramsgate Road.

It is not known how much the site is likely to sell for on the open market.