BREAKING NEWS: Volunteers clear Louth paths of ice

LOUTH Town Partnership working with a group of volunteers has created an Emergency Assistance Group to ensure that all town centre paths are free of snow and ice for the future.

Town Centre Manager Mark Barnes said: “We have made the very bold statement that we will do all that is required to clear the Cornmarket and the Market Place by 5.30am tomorrow morning (Saturday) to allow the Saturday market to go ahead; until this offer had been made it had been cancelled.

“We believe that with the support of our volunteers and their shovels, Lee Brocklebank of Brocklebank Reclaims and Dave Fairburn we can achieve this.

“ELDC and Lincolnshire County Council have been very supportive in facilitating this. If there is any way that you can help this afternoon that would be very much appreciated.

“It is essential that we support the market traders and get them back in business as soon as possible and with your support we will do this. Please give me a call on 07917 628149 if you can help.

“We also need cash donations to pay for the shovels, wheelbarrows and other equipment. Also if there is a shortage of salt/grit we may need more than ELDC and Lincolnshire County Council have already offered us for free so if you feel you can help by making a donation that would be very kind.”