BREAKING: Proposal for 46 homes in Louth is turned down


A controversial proposal for 46 new homes on an arable field on the edge of Louth has been turned down by ELDC’s Planning Committee today (April 7).

Councillors voted 11-0 to refuse the application by Cyden Homes to develop the two-hectare site adjacent to Eastfield Road.

“This whole thing gives me the jitters,” declared Coun Jim Swanson.

“It doesn’t look right - it won’t improve the quality of the environment one bit.

“The properties will be crammed in cheek by jowl, and the landscaping scheme seems to be no more than afterthought.”

An objection was also sounded by Coun Terry Aldridge who warned of both flooding and traffic problems, adding that the proposed new homes would overlook those of existing residents in Park Row.

“As one who has experienced it myself, the trauma of flooding is tremendous,” he said.

“Many residents are very unhappy about this proposal, and we should take account of their views - something we don’t always do.”

Coun Stuart Watson and Coun Sid Dennis expressed disquiet that an originally approved perimeter boundary green strip of 21 metres had shrunk by half in the revised application.

“We have been misled by the developer,” claimed Coun Watson.

Coun Tom Ashton queried whether the proposed flood attenuation pond would be of sufficient capacity to accommodate excess rainfall, while committee chairman Coun Neil Cooper suggested it would attract breeding mosquitoes.

The committee’s refusal decision was made against the recommendation of planning case officer Shaun Robson, and it may lead to an appeal by the developer.

Attending the debate were about 20 residents, who were rebuked when they started to applaud one of the speeches of objection.

“Bad behaviour will result in the public being removed from the chamber,” warned the chairman.

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