BREAKING: Residents at risk from storm surge are urged to consider evacuating to ‘rest centres’ in Louth


Lincolnshire’s Chief Constable, Neil Rhodes, has today (Thursday, 3pm) urged residents living in flood risk areas between Donna Nook and Gibraltar Point to ‘seriously consider’ taking action to ensure their own safety ahead of tomorrow’s expected storm surge.

Mr Rhodes said: ““From 3pm today (Thursday 12 January), we will be working with our partners, including the Armed Forces, to visit those in areas we believe will be most affected.

“We know that flooding, although it is only a potential risk at this stage, brings with it significant challenges, particularly for those who rely on power for medical equipment, the elderly and parents with young children.

“We are advising residents to be responsible and take action – which could include staying with friends or relatives who live outside of the flood risk area, moving upstairs in your property, or potentially, relocating to a rest centre.

“Residents who decide to relocate to a rest centre should, where possible, make their own transport arrangements. Where this isn’t possible, transport will be available from Skegness and Mablethorpe bus stations. If you do decide to leave your home, please contact 01522 782230, so we know you are safe.

“Those who live in a single story properties along the coastline i.e. caravans, chalets or bungalows should seriously consider if they could stay with friends or move to a rest centre.”

The two rest centres are at the Meridian Leisure Centre and the London Road Pavilion in Louth.

Mr Rhodes continued: “Some things you may wish to take with you are: prescription medications/latest prescription, pets, phone chargers, children’s essentials (e.g. milk and nappies) and warm clothing.

“If you have pets, which you can’t safely leave at home, we will try to accommodate them at the rest centres – although facilities are limited. Please ensure you have appropriate pet carriers, leads etc.

“If you live within the potentially affected area, are concerned or need help or advice, call Lincolnshire County Council 01522 782230.”

If you require medical assistance at any point, you should call 111, or in a life threatening emergency, call 999.

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