Bright white meteorite spotted over Skidbrooke

A LARGE meteorite was spotted over Skidbrooke on Wednesday night, as well as other areas across the country.

Tom Redmayne, of North Somercotes, called us to report his sighting, described as a ‘silent bright white fireball, becoming orange before disappearing’ which he saw for only around two seconds.

Tom said he was looking out towards the North Sea at around 7.23pm when he saw the light.

“It had one large body and about five or six smaller pieces falling away,” he said.

“The smaller fragments disappeared first and the large piece was the last to go.

“It fell at steep downward angle at about 40 degrees.”

Tom reported his sighting online at, and below his sighting was another from a Skidbrooke resident, Sarah Coulson, who saw a similar thing for ‘four or five seconds’.

There were similar sightings at Boston, Sheffield, and even Durham and Blackburn.

Did you see the meteorite? Let us know! Email or call 01507 353200.