Bringing the Louth war memorial back to life

The damaged war memorial.
The damaged war memorial.

A plan of action has been put in place to restore the Louth War Memorial to its former glory, following the devastating crash a fortnight ago.

As reported, the war memorial suffered damage after a car ploughed into it on 
the evening of Sunday March 15.

The driver, a 28-year-old local man, was later arrested on suspicion of drink driving, and is currently on police bail until May 4.

Louth Town Council, which is responsible for the upkeep of the War Memorial, discussed the issue at their recent meeting on March 24.

Town Clerk Linda Blankley provided a report to the councillors which outlined the damage caused, the action taken so far, and further action that is required.

In addition to the obvious damage, it was revealed that potential fluid damage - possibly from petrol - may have been caused to the base and upright column of the memorial. The main column also suffered chipping and friction damage.

The surrounding walls, railings and floodlights 
were damaged, and the conifers and notice board were destroyed.

The Town Clerk’s immediate actions included arranging for protective barriers to be put up, and filing an insurance claim.

The driver’s insurance company has since accepted responsibility.

A visual inspection of the structure was carried out on March 24 with a surveyor and engineer, who determined that a more detailed check is necessary to the column and top of the monument using a cherry picker.

Leakes Masonry has removed the damaged elements of the memorial, and will carry out the stonework repairs. However, since the lettering on the damaged stone tablets is made from lead, it will require specialist restoration.

Mayor Andrew Leonard thanked Leakes Masonry for their helpful involvement and said: “The crash has damaged all aspects of the memorial, but it will be repaired to the top specifications.”