British Legion’s bid to track down descendents of Mablethorpe’s war heroes

Local Poppy Appeal Organisor Mark Reddin at Mablethorpe's War Memorial.
Local Poppy Appeal Organisor Mark Reddin at Mablethorpe's War Memorial.

A NEW project launched by Mablethorpe’s Royal British Legion hopes to find out more about many of the mystery fallen heroes celebrated on the town’s war memorial.

Local Poppy Appeal organiser Mark Reddin and chairman Jane Reddin have begun the quest to ‘put faces to names’ and amalgamate more information about the people featured on the memorial.

The memorial is a key focal point for a number of remembrance celebrations across the calendar, but much is still unknown about many of the local soldiers who died in the two world wars.

Jane said: “A few of us have been discussing this for a while, we thought it would be lovely to to get more information about the soldiers and hopefully trace some more family members.

“Lots of people gather round for the remembrance events but at the minute a lot of them are sadly just faceless individuals.

“We want to find out more about who they were and what their stories are.

“So far we’ve been asking people to spread the word but seem to have come to a dead end.

“If family members come forward then we can put together more about their fallen relatives, with photographs and the many back stories that come with them.”

The war memorial in the High Street features more than 50 names of local people fallen in the two world wars.

Back in March the Leader featured one of many of Mablethorpe’s war heroes, with the extraordinary story of George Alan Mountain who fought in the East and died in Borneo after the fall of Singapore.

And in September we paid tribute to John ‘Jack’ Wallace, a Burma Star and resident of Mablethorpe, who died aged 85.

Jane continued: “We’re always getting asked by historians about the soldiers and often for information we just don’t have.

“So hopefully by doing this we can find out more and put stories together with pictures, which are nice for relatives to keep to remember their loved ones.”

People can get in touch with Mark or Jane by calling 01507 478011 or 07894 629482.

Do you know anyone featured on the Mablethorpe War Memorial? Share their stories with us. Email .