Brown’s Panorama heads over to the Lincolnshire Great Exhibition

Brown's Panorama. EMN-150306-142949001
Brown's Panorama. EMN-150306-142949001

William Brown’s celebrated Louth Panorama will temporarily leave the town for the next few months in order to appear at the Usher Gallery, Lincoln, as part of Lincolnshire’s Great Exhibition.

Brown’s 19th century masterpiece, which is usually based at The Sessions House in Eastgate, will be taken down tomorrow (June 4) and set off on its journey to Lincoln.

The loan was requested by Lord Cormack, on behalf of the Historic Lincoln Trust.

The major exhibition in Lincoln will run from June 27 until September 27, and is expected to draw in people from all over the country - and indeed the world - and it will thus provide a fantastic opportunity to showcase the town.

Louth Town Council voted in favour of the loan last May.