Brown - Why I’m backing Ed as our Labour leader

Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown

Matthew Brown, the Labour candidate for the Louth and Horncastle seat, has backed Ed Miliband as his party leader.

Mr Miliband’s position has been the subject of intense speculation.

However, Matthew said: “I have signed a letter supporting Ed Miliband and his leadership of the Labour along with over 100 other a prospective parliamentary candidates.

“In Ed Miliband, Labour have a leader who is in tune with the public consciousness, who understands the pressures we face.

“He is a man of principle and has substance over style. He does not seek self gratification, but seeks the best deal for the British people.

“I fully back the leader as I know as a nation we cannot go on like this. We cannot live in a low wage economy, where people have to choose to eat or heat and with a United Kingdom where the poor are asked to shoulder the burden while those 
most well off are given an easy ride.

“Where our NHS is at risk of collapse, our children are taught in free schools which are able to employ unqualified teachers, and a minimum wage which does not allow people who work hard to have a work life balance.”