Alliance slams ‘negative bias’ on wind farms

May bad weather, Glyndebourne wind turbine
May bad weather, Glyndebourne wind turbine

Despite being ‘far from perfect’, wind energy is our best option for the future, according to a pro-wind turbine campaigner in Louth.

James Pocklington is part of the Lincolnshire Pro Wind Alliance, and is backing a ‘silent majority’ who are in favour of wind farms.

Lincolnshire County Council has been heavily critical of what it has called an ‘unrestrained invasion’ of wind turbines across Lincolnshire.

Plans are in place for a number of wind farms across the area, including a controversial development at Great Carlton, which is now being decided at a national level.

And Mr Pocklington has slammed the county council for its ‘negative’ stance.

“The negative bias from Lincolnshire County Council is concerning,” he told the Leader.

“We want LCC to be quiet, and stop this bias, they are effectively only a consultee on applications up to 50MW.

“There is clearly a silent majority in the UK in favour of wind energy, the government have done surveys and it is consistently around 66 per cent in favour.”

The alliance have launched their own petition in favour of ‘balanced’ appraisals of proposed developments.

James continued: “We are told this is industrialisation but that word means smoke, smell and traffic, wind turbines are graceful and bring none of this.

“We want people to see that they are effective and though they are far from perfect, wind turbines are the best option we’ve got to move towards lower carbon emissions.”

Coun Martin Hill, LCC’s leader, said: “Although supportive of alternative energy, we do question the efficiency of turbines and their impact on the county’s residents, landscapes and tourism industry.

“We’re also concerned that, at a time of rising fuel poverty, people are having to subsidise these developments through their energy bills.

“Last June, our executive members agreed a set of guidelines we hoped would be taken into consideration by local planning authorities and developers when deciding where to locate new developments.

“And as a statutory consultee, it makes sense for us to have a clearly stated position on this issue.

“I’d encourage anyone who wants to share their views on wind farms to fill in the online survey at”