‘Deep concerns’ over 1,000-home plan for Louth are raised at public forum

Virginia Drive couple Gareth and Tina Batten eye up the housing plans.
Virginia Drive couple Gareth and Tina Batten eye up the housing plans.

A resident at the centre of the huge 1,000 home housing site planned for Louth says he feels powerless against the might of the developers.

Businessman Richard Noble, who lives at Agarth House in Legbourne Road, could see the homes built around him on the 94 hectare site earmarked by Gladman Developments and the landowners AR and MA Pridgeon.

Speaking at a public consultation held by the developers at Louth Town Hall last week, Mr Noble said he ‘cannot see the logic’ in the plans.

“They want to build these houses all the way around me, I live on the first floor so I can’t avoid them,” he said.

“I don’t want to be accused of being a NIMBY but I still can’t see the logic in doing all of this, 1,000 homes is a heck of a lot of people.

“Louth is struggling now traffic-wise, and I just don’t understand where the jobs are going to come from.

“I will take legal advice but I suppose I’m extremely limited in what I can do.”

The plans, put forward in February, also include a primary school, community building, health centre and local shops, as part of a ‘sustainable community’.

The proposed new development would extend from south of Eresbie Road down to the roundabout at Kenwick Hill and Manby Road and has been dubbed the ‘Louth Southern Gateway’.

Nearby Virginia Drive couple Gareth and Tina Batten also went along to take a look at the plans, and raised fears as to whether Louth would cope.

“We have deep concerns about the impact on facilities, you’re talking 2,500 extra people in the area,” said Gareth.

“There are very few jobs and wages are notoriously low, this needs to be much better thought through.”

“There’s no mention of a secondary school or A&E and ambulance cover, we understand the need for houses but they need to think about the infrastructure,” Tina added.

“Maybe a redevelopment of the existing empty houses would be better.”

Andy Booth, representing Globe Consultants, said the plans were ‘very much work in progress’ and confirmed no builders had yet shown firm interest in the site.

“These are ideas, it’s about building through to what the final plans will look like,” he said.

“Our job is to take away any issues people think are relevant and look at them, if we can take those on board then it’s right that we do that.”