Hundreds attend Tesco Mablethorpe exhibition

Tesco proposal
Tesco proposal

Three hundred and sixty five people attended Tesco’s exhibition in Mablethorpe on Tuesday displaying proposals for a new Tesco and petrol station in the town.

Tesco say ‘the overwhelming majority’ gave the proposals the ‘thumbs up’.

The exhibition was held at the Mablethorpe Library and Community Access Centre where residents and community representatives were able to meet Tesco

representatives, view drawings of the proposed new store and petrol station, ask questions and provide feedback.

For those interested, there was an opportunity to register an early expression of interest in working at Tesco.

Tesco said 213 of the 228 feedback cards completed at the event were in favour of the proposals (93.5 per cent) with 12 against (five per cent) and three undecided (one per cent).

Tesco corporate affairs manager, Simon Petar said: “We are delighted and humbled with the level of support our proposed has generated. The community agrees with us that Golf Road is an improved location for our supermarket in Mablethorpe as it will allow for a bigger store with more shopping

choice and will create many additional jobs.”

The proposals for a Tesco at Golf Road replaces previous plans for a Tesco at Station Road.